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Stress Relief Tips that Really Work

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Singing in the Rain  

Sing when you are in the shower. It feels great and everyone including you and me sounds excellent in the shower.



Join the Happy Hugger Club  

Make sure to hug each member of your family at least once a day. Who doesn't appreciate a hug?



Ponder Way Up Yonder  

Spend at least 20 minutes each day alone in silence. Turn off all technology and find a quiet place to ponder. It will refresh your entire body and mind.



Start a Wave  

Wave to your neighbors as you walk around your neighborhood. Especially as they drive by even if you do not know who they are. Most people love it and will start waving back to you.



Whistling While You... 

Start whistling while you drive, walk and work (only if alone) and as much as you can. It is almost impossible to whistle anything but a happy tune. It really will help you put on a happy face.



Many Thanks  

Start saying thank you to everyone you meet each day. Find a way to thank them in your conversation. It will make them feel excellent about you and who doesn't like that.



The Laugh Track  

Laugh uncontrollably at least once a week. The more, the better. Just go for it and start laughing even if you don't feel like it. Before you know it, you will be laughing, and you will feel your stress melt away.



Photo Op  

Take a real good look at the family/friends photos you have hanging in your home or on your phone. Look at them intently instead of just glancing at them. You will start to feel the love you share with them.



Let Wisdom Reign  

Read a chapter of the book of Proverbs once a day. There are 30 chapters of Proverbs, one for each day. This book of wisdom will impart a ton of practical knowledge that will allow you to live without having many problems.



Find Your Exercise Option  

Find something you enjoy doing. Walking, jogging, playing a sport, etc. Anything to get you moving. If you find it enjoyable then, it won't feel like exercise.



The Phone Depot  

Do not bring your phone to the table doing family meals. It will allow you to talk and feel relaxed while being unconnected.



Random Acts of Kindness  

Just bless someone unexpectedly without any reason. It will feel so out of the ordinary and so good. Whatever you reap you sow.



Let it Rain 

Never hold back the urge to cry. Crying is a natural way to relieve stress. When we cry, our tears contain Cortisol which is a stress hormone. So pour your heart out and feel less stressed.



A Friend Indeed  

Call an old friend and wish them well. Take the time to connect with them. It will bring back old and good memories.



The Well Sweet Journal 

Start journaling about the good things that happen each day. It is a great way to put your thoughts on paper, and you can look back and see how far you have progressed.