We were designed to feel good all of the time

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Our happiness baseline should be on the plus side of joy every day. We were created to have and enjoy love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, and self-control. Any straying from that is a sign we are out of control.

Going through life can provide temporary physical challenges like catching a cold or injuring an arm, or emotional challenges, but these are mostly short term, and the body has built-in-repair mechanisms to deal with them.

If we are not feeling joy most of the time, then it is essential for us to evaluate our lives and what is causing the problem.

For most people, high-stress levels will rob them of any chance of finding joy.

Just because we live in a world of stress does not mean you have to succumb to it. We were only designed to feel stress for only a matter of minutes in our lives. Never for a prolonged period.

The stress-free diet has an innovative 2-step approach that turns off your stress triggers that will lower the inflow of your stress and stress relief tactics that increase the outflow of your stress, leaving you stress-free.

It feels so good to sit back and watch your “stress” melt away.

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