How to Stop Being Stressed and to Enjoy the Journey

Opening Skit:

Matt: It's time to roll. Let's get a move on it. Quickly, quickly, quickly.

Katy: Roger that. Let's synchronize our watches 3,2,1 set. Will you start the car already.

Are you ok? Back there, Rich.

Rich: I am fine. I will sit back here and chill.

Matt: The GPS says the trip will be 8 hours, 31 minutes, and 32 seconds.

Rich: Where did you get that GPS from, NASA?

Katy: Pedal to the metal babe.

Matt: Snap! Traffic.

Rich: It's just a couple of cars that slowed down.

Katy: Ugggggggh. I hate traffic.

Rich: But we are moving again.

Matt: The GPS says that little kerfuffle just added an additional 16 seconds onto the trip. 16 seconds!!!

Katy: That is crushing.

Rich: It's going to be a long trip. Gulp.

How many people are in a hurry to go nowhere? They are constantly in go, go, go mode. The problem is that when you are in a constant state of stress, you lose the ability to enjoy life.

Speaking of journey, I produced a short video to explain what I mean in more detail.

I live in a neighborhood that is surrounded by nature. I went around with my iPhone and shot a bunch of B roll and produced a 2:13 video called: soothing stress relief stroll through nature. I focused on all the good and beautiful things around me that are there all the time.

How many people will be in the later years of their lives and finally realized that their entire life was in Fast Forward all because they were impatient? Just like the skit where they were dreading a long car ride, just writing it off as a necessary evil. Fact is, we spend most of our lives on a journey. Commuting to and from work. Our jobs are a journey to make a living. Certain chores and tasks we do. Why abandon over 80% of our lives. Look for the good in every situation. Treat delays as a blessing. Maybe that bit of traffic prevented you from a much bigger problem. There are a lot of people around the world that would trade having to walk 2 miles every day in the scorching heat to fetch a jar of water compared to being stuck in traffic in a climate-controlled car with comfortable seats and technology to keep you entertained.

The definition impatient from the dictionary is:

[No patient, not accepting delay, opposition, pain, etc., with being calm or patience.]


Being impatient has come to mean you are in a hurry, and you are justified to be in one. It really means that your body is in a stress response to a real or perceived danger.

It is a symptom of being stressed. Just like a person who is sick runs a higher than average temperature.

So many of us think that it is ok to be impatient because we are so important, and how dare we have to use that foul four-letter word, "wait."

Being impatient is very harmful because it is a sign we are in the stress response.

15 Signs That You are Impatient

1. Do you accelerate to stop signs or speed when driving?

2. Do you talk to the cars around you and complain that the light is too long?

3. Do you sigh a lot?

4. You burn your tongue because you do not wait for your food to cool. And you eat too fast. Also, talk with a mouth full.

5. Waiting in line drives you insane.

6. Late people make you very angry.

7. Keep checking your phone.

8. You interrupt others.

9. You keep tapping your foot or drumming your fingers.

10. Blow up other people's phones with text messages.

11. You have a short fuse. Get angry easy.

12. They hate when people tell them to be patient.

13. You have control issues.

14: You play the martyr and just do it all yourself.

15. Everything is a crisis, and you complain.

Example: We ordered take-out, and it will take 45 minutes. What will I do for the next 45 minutes? I could pass out from hunger. I will never order from here again. I could make it myself faster and cheaper.

So if you are impatient, you are really stressed. What can you do about it?

A man went to the doctor and told them that it hurts when he lifts his right arm. He asked the doctor what he should do to stop the pain. The doctor said to stop lifting his right arm.

Even though impatience is a symptom of being stressed, it can in itself make you even more stressed, AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU.

People may be impatient just because they are hungry or their blood sugar is out of balance, dehydrated, or even fatigue. Everyone is more impatient when their body is out of balance. Being impatient is exhausting—all that huffing and puffing, fidgeting, and complaining waste a lot of vital energy.

Examine what areas of your life are adding stress to your life and make positive changes to reduce the pressure. Turn off those stress switches that are causing you to be stressed.

And now for some shameless self-promotion:

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