How to save your marriage

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The old adage, “Money problems is why most marriages break up” is mostly false.

Why not have every couple take a course on money management before they can get married. A great thought, but it would not make much of a difference.

The U.S. divorce rate has held steady at 50% for years. Are half the couples who try marriage that difficult to live with? No, they are victims that are blindsided by a problem they never saw coming.

The real culprit is the high levels of stress that they are faced with each day. This causes them to spend a lot of money on things that give them instant gratification to relieve their stress.

They can go to marriage counseling where most of the time the counselor only addresses the symptoms of the stress and not the stress itself.

Even if you doubled each struggling couple’s income, they would still have “money problems.” They would just increase the amount they spend on their instant gratification.

High levels of stress over a prolonged period can make even well-grounded people cranky and irritable. This will chase the love out the window and start the door slamming fights.

Stress turns fun loving couples into individual self-centered pleasure seekers.

The stress-free diet has an innovative 2-step approach that turns off your stress triggers that will lower the inflow of your stress and stress relief tactics that increase the outflow of your stress, leaving you stress-free.

Then the couple can just sit back and watch their “money problems” melt away.

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