Holiday Shopping Tips to Save Money and Reduce Stress

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Yeah, this is Joey from Jersey. You know, bada boom bada bing and make my heart sing. Yeah. Well my old lady she like comes to holiday shopping she waits until the last minute she makes me like, I gotta go out with her like crazy people doing everything all the shopping all at one time. It's nuts. It's so stressful. We've been on my

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hot water, but I came you know, I get there buy presents for Tom, Dick and Harry, you know is crazy and stressed out. So you know what, there's gotta be a better way.

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Welcome to stress for you discover how to turn off stress with a flick of a switch with Matt and Katie rush and Rich Taylor.

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Hey, everyone, welcome to show number 53. How, how to save a ton of money and stress on holiday shopping.

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We're so grateful that everyone is here today.

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All right, straight up honest. Katie and I and Rich are the three people who love Christmas. We're the people that we do the decorations inside and outside the house. We are the National Lampoon's Christmas vacation. We are the people who dress up as Mr. And Mrs. Claus. We love Christmas time. It is an absolutely wonderful time of the year should we sing? It's the most wonderful time of the year. But

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it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year if you lead it. Would you not agree with that? Brother rich? Absolutely. I've done it wrong along a long time, the wrong way. But anyway, I just want to interject something as far as Christmas gifts. If you want to really get something special for that special someone, if you really want a piece of treasure, just go to stretch view dotnet slash merge. And check out Matt's first sculpture he had. Oh, it's a stress free cowboy. It is a piece of art. I went to art school for three years, I took a modeling class, and I sucked at it. I

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hated that class. The only class I hated more was art history. And math. This is first sculpture and it's amazing. Even if you don't want to buy it, just go and look at it. It's amazing. So yeah, I we titled The stress free cowboy. But there's a whole story that goes with it. It's literally a piece of art. And check it out. Yeah. So anyway, back. Thank you. Hey, wait, thank you very much for that. I appreciate you saying that. I thought you were gonna say if somebody wanted a piece of history piece of amazing and amazing Christmas gift, but you go to stress for you dotnet and buy the book, because hey, what better way? What better gift Could you give someone then the book? So I wasn't expecting that. So thank you. I appreciate that very much. Actually, that's true. Yeah, the best book you can get best gift, you can give someone as a gift of no stress if you think about it. So what a great way to start the year 2021. I think 2020 we look back at is probably a very stressful year. And what better way to end it than to get our book shelf. This self shelf is well put on your shelf. So it won't be shelf this self promotion, I guess.

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You were trying to say shameless self promotion, I have no shame, it's on the shelf.

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Anyway, you know, people wait to the last minute, and they end up spending way too much money that they can't afford. And they end up with credit card debt, they spend $70 on a gift for someone that they probably don't even like, and by the time they end up paying off the credit card. It's $200. So Christmas is a wonderful time you get to spend time with family and everything like that. But like we somehow allow it to transform us into these crazy people that are all stressed out. And just real quickly. I grew up in a family of six my wife came from a family of seven. We got married like over 37 years ago.

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first Christmas was okay now we got to buy for like 13 people. And we both spent a ton of time and stress and money running all over town. There was no online stuff back then getting these gift for this person or that person. And we spent a lot of money and we had a lot of stress. And it was all over in seconds when they opened a thing and they get you know they did the smile and nod but Macy said

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I don't really want this, I think, you

Unknown Speaker 5:04

know, it's just it's like, and then like, this is the Sunday next year, we said, Look,

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we're gonna do this, you don't have to do it, we're doing this, we're gonna pick a name out of a hat. And we're buying a nice gift, a thoughtful gift for one person in his family. That's it, if you don't want to do it fine. But this is what we're doing. And they all agreed it was a good idea. And we we did that. And for all the years, we lived in Connecticut, we did it and it was great. We got a meaningful gift for someone and we got a gift that someone really put some time thought and money into it. And it made it so great. Instead of this, like chaotic, opening up, you know, hey, here's some more McDonald's gift certificates. It's like, okay, it's really that was the default gift when their brothers were young.

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It's just stupid. So we we help transform things into a much better way. So Katie, I'm sure you've got some great stories of Christmas.

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Well, I love Christmas. And it's always one of my favorite than one of my favorite holidays. When we were a kid, when we were kids, let me start over.

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When I was a kid, we would go out to hike, go to the family ranch and have a big Christmas celebration. And my mom would always make me do a little concert and play the violin for everybody that was there because I was in violin lessons. So she made me play Christmas carols and cotton eyed Joe. And there were like over 100 people there. I was always very shy. But it was so much fun. We all just ate and had food together. And we did kind of what you said rich? Well, I guess it was more of a Chinese Christmas, we had numbers and everybody drew a number. And it was just so much fun. And it wasn't so much about stressing about finding the perfect gift or getting gifts for everybody. It was about just enjoying being with each other and celebrating the season. And something that I think is really important is you know, you can't force somebody else to give gifts the way that you want to give gifts. So we were just having this conversation with our friend yesterday. And her she thinks her mom over buys. And she it makes her feel bad. And I just said you know, you can you can ask her please don't buy me 12 gifts, Mommy, like you don't need to do that. But if that's her heart, and that makes her happy. And she can do it, just let her do it because it's making her happy. And also, I think one of my cardinal rules, rules of Christmas gifts is if you receive a gift, and you don't like it, or you have it already, or it's not something you're going to enjoy, don't sit there and go. Well, I would never use this but I'll give it to so and so or I mean I've actually had people do that. Or if you're giving a gift and it's a nice yes and if you're giving a gift and if it's a real gift don't go we had this and we didn't really use it so we thought you might enjoy it. It's a Christmas gift. Like it's okay to re gift something you don't need to state that you're gifting it. Just make sure you're not gifting it to the person who gave it to you.

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I mean, that can be a little awkward. But you know there's a free gift or rebuilt

Unknown Speaker 8:03

there's no right or wrong just like you we had this laying around. We're gonna throw it away but we'll give it to you instead.

Unknown Speaker 8:11

Give it back, put some wrapping paper on it.

Unknown Speaker 8:15

Make sure you change the label on the gift bag. If you don't even rewrap it just like surely the pardot

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wrong card Happy birthday. I mean Jesus Happy birthday, Jesus. Make sure you put some extra thought into it. If you're re gifting well go through the trail. Right to keep notes. Yeah, we you know, it is so stressful and, and especially this year 2020 has been so hard on so many of us financially across the globe. That as we come into this season, it's I could create there things you can do that are just that just make it more fun. We did what we always refer to as the Chinese Christmas and I don't do we have any listeners in China rich? Not yet. Anything so so Korea, Japan, all the countries around China. We haven't cracked the Great Wall of China yet. Probably we can't yet either. So we didn't listen to this thing.

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That's right. I know I didn't mean to I was bragging on him. Let me because I think it was so much fun. Oh, we call we did the thing called Chinese Christmas where everybody, everybody brought one gift. Every person who wanted to be in the game had to bring a gift. It could be a gag gift. It could be a real gift. You just you didn't know that part. There's kind of ran the gamut on on gifts and it all had a limit. Everybody said I think one year we did $25 one year we did $50 so some people would break the rules and get something really nice. Some people would just like me would be something that would be funny. And every member then would draw a number we'd number everybody off that was gonna play one through like one year it was there was 48 of us. So we did one through 48 though

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First person gets to go to the tree and and pick a gift, and they unwrap it in front of everybody and everybody laughs or who's or oz than the person who has number two, then goes and gets, they can either go get a present, or they can take the previous present. And once an A present could be stolen, as we call it three times. And after the third time it was frozen, and no one else could steal it. So you had to be really strategical about who could help you. And I'm like, Okay, if you get this gift, because we know and cats gifts can be fun. So if you can get cats gift, and you said I'll get the end got you, we would strategize over how to get the things we wanted. And we always had so much fun and without fail every time the crankiest person in the family would get the best gag gift. And then they'd get stuck with it, we'd all laugh our heads off. And it was so much fun. And I missed those days when it was just one present a small amount of money. And then we just had a great time doing it. So that's what we're talking about. We can you can make this whole time of the year, festive and fun. And even for our listeners that are in another part of the country. Maybe you have different traditions there. But there's still so much stress involved in the holiday season, however you celebrate and it's like, Hey, get over yourself. We can have some fun with this and still be celebrating the reason for the season and still be with family. You know, we played that game too. But we called it the white elephant gift exchange. Oh, that's unless you're a Democrat. Things like that. And the most coveted gift one year

Unknown Speaker 11:49

or two things a three pack of white men's undershirts. I'm not joking. And a toilet paper roll holder that was also a telephone and a radio that I yes, that got fought over. I opted for just the pair of festive socks with the $20 bill and hey, that's

Unknown Speaker 12:10

interesting guests, I want to party we you

Unknown Speaker 12:13

know, not necessarily Texas because you know the the best gag gift because I was notorious for bringing gag gifts. And when you do that every year, you kind of gotta up your game. So like when you're I collected all of the travel soap and shampoos from the hotels I've been staying in for a whole year. I literally had bags of them. And I put it in this big box and they someone opened it up and there's all these mini bottles that travel on there. Like that's kind of funny. Like, one year I had funeral fans for like an antique store. I thought that was kind of humorous. But then the feast dilla resistance was I put in this ice chest, a soft sided ice chest. And the guy who opened it, he goes, wow, this is and you know, you don't assign your nobody knows the name on the package. Because you don't you got to keep that secret. So everybody was afraid of my package, though. So he opens it up and I line up and he slumps. He's like, Oh, I got your present. Because you know, he's like, bummed out. And then he opens it. And it's this soft sided ice chest. And he's like, well, this is nice. And I said, but that's not all.

Unknown Speaker 13:21

Inside the eyes. Just I put an autographed picture of myself.

Unknown Speaker 13:28

And I wrote all my best and it was framed like a celebrity and are all my best Matt. And he opens it up and he looks at it and everyone just hits the floor laughing He goes, I'm gonna be stuck with this all because no one's gonna do this for me.

Unknown Speaker 13:46

Oh my goodness. That's what he gave me for Christmas last year. Yeah, she would find another

Unknown Speaker 13:53


Unknown Speaker 13:55

So many autographed copies of your photo I can put around our house.

Unknown Speaker 14:00

Well, growing up in New England, we had a thing called Yankee swap. It's the same thing as the Chinese Christmas and a white elephant but we call the Yankee swap or Yankee swap. So that's we call it you know, makes us wonder why I mean, that's the way that's a memory that's if you're open your mouth and you're laughing having a lot of fun and and that's what it's about not not getting some worthless gift that you're stressed out over getting like why do we even buy gifts stressed out gifts? I guess you could call it Why do we even do that? I mean, is it from the guilt is like okay, this person bought me a gift. So I gotta go buy him a gift and I got to make sure it's equal value. Or even more maybe I got to up the game and like buy more expensive gift. Maybe I don't like that person and a person doesn't like me.

Unknown Speaker 14:46

You know, I mean, I think as someone gives you a gift. I don't. This is me. I don't think we have to give a gift back because I know one of the love languages people have is giving gifts. So if

Unknown Speaker 15:00

They are making themselves happy by our female love tank because they're given a gift then that's great. But I don't think we have to end walking by them again. That's guilt. I don't think guilt is a good reason to buy someone a gift. I think if you really liked that person, and really want to bless the person, that's good, but guilts a lousy reason to do it. Another thing is, why do we give people gifts? Maybe we want we are suggesting they changed your behavior like, hey, Myrtle, I bought you this diet book? Well, yeah, but that's not

Unknown Speaker 15:35

rude. very rude. That's imposing our you know, our beliefs on someone else. Let Aunt Gertrude figure it out on our own. You know what I mean? And then there's always keeping up with the Joneses, you know, well, the Joneses bought their kids this, that and the other thing, so we've got to buy our kids this that the other thing. And again,

Unknown Speaker 15:58

we're supposed to bless our our kids, not like, treat them like there's some kind of like,

Unknown Speaker 16:04

commodity like we need to up the game and stuff like that. You know? I mean, what do you guys have experienced with that?

Unknown Speaker 16:11

The other thing that that I think can happen a lot of times is because you want people to like you.

Unknown Speaker 16:18

How many times have we tried to do something for someone else? And it actually wasn't?

Unknown Speaker 16:25

For them, it was actually more for for you because you want to try to win them over. That's why I would buy Katy all those

Unknown Speaker 16:34

sizes, because I wanted her to like me while we were dating.

Unknown Speaker 16:40

Oh, we should have dated longer.

Unknown Speaker 16:44

Though totally.

Unknown Speaker 16:47

If it is the thought that counts, then why do we end up spending so much money though? I'm just like you said rich it is that we're trying to keep up with our friends or keep up with other people. It's like we get caught up in the squirrel wheel of running up and just trying to make people like us or, or give something because somebody else did something big. My dad and my sister in law are both big gift givers. They nothing extravagant. But that is their love language. And several years, we've tried to say hey, let's not do that. Let's just, you know, let's just donate to someone or let's just gifts, put whatever you're gonna buy on presence, put it in a pot, so we can give it to someone that's, that's in need. And they both would be like, yeah, that's a that's a great idea why don't just do whatever you want to do. And we'll just do what we want to do. And it'll be okay.

Unknown Speaker 17:43

because like you said, rigid was its that's their love language. And you've got to be respectful of that. But you also got to look at the intent of where you're coming from with this whole thing, too. Right? Yes. And I think I kind of have a theory on why people spend so much money to they can't I think it's personally I really think a lot of it is disorganization, and then the panic. So if you wait until November, I mean, it's November seems great, right? The whole month before the month of Christmas month to start shopping. Well, I've learned in my adult life that that's not even enough time because life happens, especially this year. I mean, life happens. Things can happen, medical bills, car crashes, things can happen that postpone you, monetarily from wanting to do what you want to do. So if you haven't planned ahead a little bit, sometimes things you've set aside, your Christmas budget has to go to other things. So if you start like summer, which I noticed some people can sound absolutely ridiculous, but I did it last year, I think that was the year that I did it. I was so happy around the holiday time because I do love giving gifts, and I do and it doesn't have to be extravagant. But I had something little for everyone because I started thinking about it in July and keeping little notes in a book. And as I would see things I'd order him so like $30 here, $20 here instead of like $700 You know, it just really helps. So I think if you can plan a little better start making a list. I love lists, they really do help. Start getting organized. Start thinking about your people that you want to give gifts to if you want to, then that really can take a lot of stress and a lot of

Unknown Speaker 19:21

fear or

Unknown Speaker 19:23

the act of overspending that really helps you not do it. I think I think the fact that you made these thoughtful gifts means a lot now when that person it made you made you feel good. And when the person got it they felt good and said just give him

Unknown Speaker 19:40

that he did feel good.

Unknown Speaker 19:44

He's talking about himself, okay, no, but I mean it's you can buy someone something expensive. But like Is it really you know, is it really what they need want is gonna make everyone happy. It's the money doesn't really add the value.

Unknown Speaker 20:00

to it. And speaking of money, I grew up this way, you know, every Christmas, my parents did the shock and awe thing, you know, where we all were upstairs and they said, We got to wait till you know, they tell us time to come down and me and my three siblings run down the stairs, in our pajamas, dive into this huge pile of presents under the tree papers flying all over the place. And it was over in five minutes. And I can't tell you one president I got while I was a kid, that I actually remember, like being a great president. I mean, just like I remember. And I did here's one thing that my brothers, his family they married into suggested I thought was really good thing. So if you do the big present thing,

Unknown Speaker 20:48

he would have he they would go around the room and one person would open a present at a time and everybody would watch them open to present. A it extends the president gift giving thing and be it adds so much more meaning, because then say you gave someone a present. And instead of just like opening up to stuff and thrown all over the place. And this is with kids, I mean, especially with kids, I think it teaches kids respect is it's just do that. And they would actually have breakfast and surround with a coffee and then they would open prizes. And it was just had a lot of meaning to it. But this whole thing where parents need to spend 1000s of kids. So the kids have this experience of opening a presence that they really don't need that's going to end up throwing away or not us.

Unknown Speaker 21:33

I don't know, I just it's just it doesn't seem like it is equal to the value of the money spent. And I give an example 20 years ago, approximately, I got laid off from a job like a week before Christmas, and a company went out of business. So there was no severance, I couldn't collect my vacation money, I got nothing. And that year.

Unknown Speaker 21:56

You know, we couldn't give kick presidents to our tickets, we just couldn't do we'd have the money. The only gifts we gave them was some money that their grandparents set for gifts, and we got them someone that you know what I don't think our kids thinking about it, looking back would say that was a bad Christmas, we probably spent more time hanging out with each other.

Unknown Speaker 22:18

having a great time, then going through all the mess of the process. I mean, presidents are fine, but I somehow they've been elevated into like the thing to do. And I think time is the most important thing you can spend on your family. I mean, that is something you can't get back. It's very valuable. And creating great memories is probably more valuable than just throwing some money at the wall and hoping it sticks.

Unknown Speaker 22:44

I think that's good. And something you said resonated with me really well. My parents were they they always made Christmas morning a big deal. That you know, there would be Santa presents that appeared the next morning and everything. And I loved the magic of that. And they were really good at creating Christmas magic. And they did have lots of nice gifts. But my favorite thing about Christmas was we would go we'd eat breakfast first. So it's like kind of like what you said, like you don't just get to dive into the presence like we'd I'd see him but we'd go eat breakfast as a family first and pray together. And then we do our stockings and the stockings for our family. That's actually also really unique idea. As a family if things are getting too big, you can just do stockings or I mean you can fit cute little presents inside a stocking It doesn't just have to be candy and hair ties and I don't know what do they put in boy stockings, nails and a hammer.

Unknown Speaker 23:36

But, so that was

Unknown Speaker 23:39

that was ammo here in Texas ammo.

Unknown Speaker 23:44

But, um, you know, it doesn't have to be something extravagant. But kind of like what you said earlier rich, like if you know the person, if I'm going to fill Matt stocking up, I know some small things I can get to put in if I'm going to fill Joe Burke at work. I don't know if she listens to this podcast, but if I'm going to fill her stocking up, it's going to have Hot Tamales in it and she's going to be a happy camper. I mean you know, the people you love you know what they want and and so there's ways that you can make it really special for them. But what I was gonna say is just even amidst some of those presents, which I know my parents spend a lot of money on the the memories that I cling to about the holidays, or the time that we spent together like playing those games like I remember when your they gave me this really cool game, which would be so antiquated now, but it was like a computerized thing that had different space sheets, then you'd have to answer the questions. It was really cool, but my mom and dad would play it with me because I was the only child and I didn't have a sibling to run off and do all the things so my mom would come outside while I was rollerblading and my dad would play air hockey with me and like all the things that we did we did together so that was really special and you don't need a fancy gift for that. Just go outside and throw the ball or go on a walk or make some slime together from your grandma's recipe book. We found that in an old family recipe book The other day, not sure how

Unknown Speaker 25:00

One slime for Christmas book. Well, depending on the age of your kids, they like to play with it. You know, people follow a lot of traditions. But you know, all traditions aren't good. being stressed and going into debt. To try to please someone is is not a good tradition, but we kind of got sucked into it. So like everything we've talked about are, are actually kind of like small things that can mean so much more. I mean, one time when when my niece was when Rachel was only, I think three years old, and she had a party, she opens up a present. And she tears the wrapping paper off the present. And she just in this genuinely excited voice hollers box, me she was excited about the box button, eat the wrapping paper and didn't even know as a kid that it was there something inside the box. So she was just excited about that. And I used to dress up like Santa Claus, when when the kids were all little, and I would get dressed up in front of them. So they saw it was me. And then we would do a picture together. And there's some of my most treasured possessions are my picture with my niece and my three nephews, and me being Santa Claus, and it's all staged in the boat. They were all littles. And it was just so cute. And so we had done that for several years, and my tradition was going to my sister's house on Christmas Eve, I would actually help with the presence and put them out and during the night, and then the the boys would get up in the morning, and they'd be all excited to see the Santa's had came, and

Unknown Speaker 26:35

my nephew, Jared, who's now 15 when he was probably four, he gets up one Christmas morning mate comes out there. There's all these presents. And he's so excited. And my sister goes, Jared, who brought you all these presents? And he goes uncle Matt, Matt did.

Unknown Speaker 26:55

Jamie says, No, it was Santa. And Jared goes, I know mom, Uncle Matt, Matt is Santa.

Unknown Speaker 27:06

Like, all the credit, men have the experience.

Unknown Speaker 27:11

So rich, give everybody some tips to actually help save money and stress during the holidays. Well, I think Katie touched on before we gifting

Unknown Speaker 27:24

someone may give you something that means a lot to them. But it may not mean anything to you and be nice and all that kind of stuff. But you can gift it. I think when you're I got three yogurt makers. And

Unknown Speaker 27:37

that was a big thing back in the 780s. Making yogurt. And actually, it was really easy. You basically took a little bit of yogurt and use a starter and you poured milk in these glass jars and put it in the yogurt maker and the next day. You had yogurt. So is it. I'm surprised I don't still haven't today. But anyway, I had three of them. And I think ended up giving away to other people and you know, whatever it is that people so don't just throw it away or trash it or something. You know, it'll save you money and it might bless somebody else. And then you know, there's lots of ways you can be creative. Matt, I know he was sending us your brother in law was building birdhouses or something like that. Yeah, we and that's the other cool thing is that, you know, some of the some of the most treasured possessions we have were homemade items. I mean, like my brother in law building these, they were planter boxes, and they're made out of scrap wood. And we all wanted one it is like it cost him nothing but time. But we love them. And they tell them what we did for your mom and dad and your grandparents two Christmases ago.

Unknown Speaker 28:44

The homemade gift from wine, okay, it's wonder I'm like, we didn't make anything did we make something that's Brother Wayne made these really cool windmills out of railroad ties, road nails. And it was my mom loves hers. And my grandma really likes her. She they love when

Unknown Speaker 29:02

I mean they love to somebody, they put it out on the front porch and, you know, cost us nothing. And besides helping my brother do it and, and so it's it's something that that simple, but then it's a true treasure.

Unknown Speaker 29:15

Also, another thing I like for holidays is if you're going to if you're going to spend money on gifts, if you're going to buy gifts, especially this year, shop local, Amazon is so tempting. It gets there in 24 hours, whatever, that's great. And there's a place for that, like when you order our book, please order that on Amazon, we would love for you to receive that in 48 hours. If you're ordering. If you're ordering like a jam, or you know some kind of a food item. Like we have a lot of local people that make their own pickles, make their own jams, little stores that make their own things. So think local as well and really support your community. I think that that can be really special to that that's a great idea. And then it means so much more because then you can say, Hey, this is you know if some came from China or something like that, it's not going to happen.

Unknown Speaker 30:00

The same value as, or any foreign country or another part of the country, but if it's something from your own backyard, and that's a lot of meaning to it, and it says, and shows that you really care and and again, with everything going on with this pandemic and everything, why not support the people that are local? I'm helping as much as I can, because that's your community. Those are the people you interact with. I think that's great. And have you seen rich? Have you seen that commercial or maybe not a commercial, something going around where it says, when you shop from a local business, and that has people doing a little dance, that really is how what happens? I mean, people get when it's a local, small own family business. personally own business people get so excited by sales, and you're really giving them a gift to that. That's I haven't seen it, but that that's great. I think that's really cool. And you know, okay, so say 2020 was really tough financially, a lot of people really struggled this year, a lot of people didn't have the income that they had in the past, and you still want to do something, well, you can do things like give a gift certificate to a family member, like a child could say, you know, here's a gift, save it through your parents, I'll wash your car five times. Or, you know, I will rake the lawn or I will shovel snow or whatever. There's service things you can do and you know, give a gift so you can make it on the computer real easy print out a piece of paper question nothing. And that will probably have more meaning than mine. Um, something like another buying dad another tie, they doesn't wear or, you know, buying some shirt that doesn't fit or something like that, though, that's a memory. And memories are much more valuable than

Unknown Speaker 31:38

spending money. So a lot of times not always, but yeah, and just a little tip in to help say my wife and I we have everything I mean, like, you know, we used to say what do you do, I don't need anything. I mean, we don't need it was so a Christmas, we don't buy it. We haven't bought stuff for each other in a long time. Actually, I buyers little five pack of pens. And because she likes pens, and she never used them. So every year I give her this pair of stockings. It's the same one. We read it but we don't care. We've got everything we need. And we're not just buying stuff. When you're buying something to try and impress someone that doesn't really need it. That's kind of wasteful in a way. Maybe that money can be better spent doing something else. So we just don't we don't buy we buy for the kids but we don't buy for each other and we're okay with that. No problem. Yeah. You know, give gifts from your garden or a jar of jelly or something simple. Just do something that is kind, considerate, thoughtful and personalized. It can be as simple as that little jar jelly with a bow on it. And speaking of putting a bow on it. That wraps up this episode of the stress for you show. Thank you so much for being a part we hope each and every one of you have an incredible holiday season. Merry Christmas. And, as always, thanks for listening.

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In our future episodes, we will dive deeper into ways to enable you to live the stress free life you were destined to live. We invite you to come along for the journey to create a stress free you because it really is a wonderful life. For more information, visit us at stress for you dotnet or send us an email to info at stress for you dotnet Thank you for subscribing to the stress for you show wherever you get your podcast and thanks for listening

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