Coronavirus Stressing You Out? Get Hope to Cope.

All across the civilized world people are gawking news networks on super-sized TV's telling them that is not a matter of if, but when the Coronavirus will spread. Yes, the Coronavirus is something to be aware of, but getting stressed out about it will only lead you to more harm than good.

It is a known fact that stress will significantly lower your immune system and prevent the body's ability to fight off infections. I remember a time when my wife and I had moved into a brand new ground floor apartment while we looked for a house to buy. All was well until a month into the lease;

I could hear the constant sound of someone running in the apartment above us—this pounding when on from 7 am to 11 pm. After a few days of taking the relentless pounding, I climbed the stairs and knocked on the door. A young mother answered, and I introduced myself as the neighbor living below them. I did not need to ask her who was running because I could see her oversized 4-year-old who was like a Sherman tank running all around their apartment. Hopping and jumping like a Mexican jumping Bean. I politely asked her if her son could stop running, and she replied that she had no control over him, and that is what he did all day.

The jackhammer kid kept doing his thing day after day. To make matters worse, I worked from the apartment had to endure the relentless pelting. All these stressful activities were going on at the same time as we were looking for houses to buy, putting in 4 offers, several over asking price all to be rejected. We were also planning our daughter's wedding, and my largest client business was on the ropes.

Stress, who had stress? A few days later, I noticed a bizarre and painful rash on my upper right arm. My wife, the nurse, took one look at it and said that I had the Shingles. This illness was the result of being under a ton of stress that lowered my immune system that allowed the Shingles to manifest.

So turn off the TV and stop watching the hype, and it will help reduce the stress and help keep you from becoming a statistic. Being connected to 24-hour news is toxic even under normal standards. Why blast the "Bad News" so also your children will be continuously being exposed to second-hand stress, which is just a dangerous as second-hand smoke.

On the positive side, we should wash our hands for as long as it takes to sing happy birthday to yourself two times. Along with not touching your eyes, nose, mouth, or ears unless your hands are clean is the best approach.

A little know fact is that most people are vastly deficient in Vitamin D. One of the best ways to get Vitamin D is from safe exposure from the sun. The levels in our bodies peak in the summer months, and as they fade, then Flu season starts in November and peaks in February. As the sun gets stronger peoples, immune systems get more robust, and the Flu season ends. If you are not in a sunny location, then you can take Vitamin D as a supplement that only costs pennies a day.

It may also be an excellent time to start incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet to strengthen it from within. Check out the tons of free videos at

If you want to live a blessed life, then do everything you can to avoid living a stressed life.

Rich Taylor is a co-founder of the StressFreeYou podcast.

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