Avoid stress fleas by never arguing

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Stress is like the wind; you may not be able to see it, but you can certainly feel it!

Completely invisible, but you can see and feel its effects pressing against you.

Stress is like a virus, steadily spreading to other susceptible people.

It travels through the air like germs, looking to infect another emotionally damaged person.

Stress is like a flea. Every time a person lets a stress flea take up residence in their body, it draws from their soul and multiplies continuously looking for another person to spread and inhabit.

When we experience negative emotions, it is the stress fleas burrowing into our bodies that usually cause them.

A person who is wholly infested with stress fleas can walk into a room full of happy people who are all in a good mood and instantly start to change the dynamics of the room. They begin by trying to engage the other people in a “discussion” with the infectious intention of escalating the conversation into an argument. They do not even care if they are proved wrong by the argument; they need to unload their stress. These people may not intentionally be aware of their actions, but their bodies are desperately trying to unload as many stress fleas as possible to gain the slightest amount of relief. After all, misery always loves company. Many of us “stress- free” people have gotten tricked into an argument by people loaded with stress fleas.

The minds of people loaded with stress fleas can tap into some dark places and come up with the perfect words to start and escalate an argument. Our natural response is to defend ourselves and our beliefs. Do not fall for this trap door. Never, never, never argue with anyone. There is never any good that will come from it, and you will be infected with the other persons stress fleas.

You only have two options when dealing with stressful people.

Option one: Avoid them and do not engage them.

Option two: Give them unconditional love. This kind of love is the antithesis to the stress fleas that these people carry. If you approach them with love you will be shielded from the stress fleas.

“Starting an argument is like breaking a dam, so stop it before a flood happens.”

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