The Stress Free Cowboy

We Are Excited to Announce Matt's Newest Passion. Sculpting.


Matt is amazing! Yes, we all know I am a little partial, but I think we can also all agree that he is a pretty special guy. To be completely honest, I am absolutely in shock of how natural sculpting has been for Matt, and how God blessed him with such an incredible talent. It brings him happiness in a beautiful way, and enables him to connect with the past, present, and future in his work. I am so proud to share this new passion of his with you all, and I hope you will let us know what you think!


I would like to introduce you to the story behind Matt’s first work of art entitled, “Facing Fall.” 


As the clouds on the horizon begin to push their cold winds through the gates of the north, the chill penetrates deeper into his soul than any previous fall. 


As he stares into the great valley of the future, he takes stock of his life. Like all of us, since the day he was born, he has faced the winds of change. In the mere blink of an eye, the seasons have blown past. With the winds of change ever pressing against him, he vigilantly faces fall on the caretaker’s foundation, preparing for the future by tending to the responsibilities of today. 


He has ridden the seasons of change into the fall of life. There is obvious remorse of the trails that stretch behind that can never be ridden again. However, with staunch resilience and hopeful optimism, he will climb back into the saddle and spur towards the life that is to come. 


We should all face fall with his certainty. 

He is constantly evolving yet never changing. 

He is continually moving yet unshakably grounded. 

He is a legend. 

He is the American Cowboy. 

Matthew D. Rush, 2020


Even though this truly is his debut into the art world, professional sculptors have said that it is unbelievable that this is his first piece. We have been humbled by their comments of “museum quality” and “This piece will absolutely sell out!” The casting company said, “In our 30 years of turning sculptures into bronzes, this is the nicest piece of art we have ever had in our studio.”  Matt has even been asked to display the piece in the Fort Worth Stockyards during the National Finals Rodeo.  


With that being said, before we release the news to the world, we wanted our friends and family to know about our new venture first and to ask for your prayers and support. 


In addition, we wanted you to have an opportunity to reserve one of the bronzes before anyone else. These are going to be true investment pieces of art, and the opportunity to purchase the very first one is truly once in a lifetime. 


Matt’s mission and goal is to create art that: 

  1. You would be proud to display in your home

  2. You could profit substantially from reselling

  3. You will want to keep in your family for generations.  


The experts have told us that the normal gallery price for a piece like this would be between $6,500-$7,500. However, since this is his first work of art, the gallery price will be $5,450. 

Prior to the piece going to the foundry, we will be offering a discounted price of $4,088 (50% deposit and 50% upon delivery, estimated to be in the first quarter of 2021.) Additionally, anyone who pays in full can reserve their piece for $3,900 (an almost 30% discount). 


With only 50 pieces being cast into bronze (8 of which are already sold or reserved), let us know as soon as possible if you would like “Facing Fall” to begin making the trail to your home.


We are beyond grateful for each of you! Thank you for your prayers and support.


Much Love,


Katy Rush