Podcast Hosts

Matt Rush

Matt Rush is the man who takes good and makes it GOODER!


Matt says, “Life is good but, when you can get over yourself and release stress, it’s way GOODER!”  


From the time Matt was in the 8th grade, he knew his life’s ambition was to help others become more than they ever thought possible. Since then, his speeches, seminars, and coaching have inspired thousands of people. 


After living in the rat race of the corporate world, Matt’s mission now is to help as many people on the planet live a stress-free life!

Katy Rush

Born and raised in Fort Worth, TX, Katy is now a transplant West Texan living in Levelland. In 2008, she graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South with a degree in Spanish and International Business. Katy moved west after marrying the love of her life, Matt, in 2016.


Matt, our cat Cookie, and dog Izzy I devote much of my time to family and close friends, travel, and writing to share my experiences. I truly believe that finding common ground and fellowship with others, unites us as humans on this earth. My heart wants to focus on the positive and what it is that unites us, rather than things that cause division. We are all in this life together.”

Rich Taylor

After working in the fast-paced advertising business for over 40 years, Rich discovered he had been using stress as his motivation. While effective at helping make the next deadline, it can have some significant side effects. 

Rich has discovered how to live 100% stress-free. He has dedicated this website to help others achieve the same powerful results.

You really can wake up each day with love, joy, peace, and a sound mind.