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STRESS FREE YOU Coaching is a personalized, one on one experience where you will have the opportunity to work directly with Stress Free You expert and co-author, Matt Rush.

Special. Only $49 per session for the first 5 people who sign up. (Regular price: $99)

Have you ever started a self-improvement program but failed to see it through?  Have you ever had the motivation to start, all the desire to begin again, and all the will power to continue, but whenever that first stress event hits you, you go right back to your old "go-to" ways? Have you ever just felt completely stressed out?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The majority of people in the world have had the same experience.

The good news is, there is hope. 

Throughout your eight-week experience you will discover:


What is Stress
and Its Effects

The three modes of stress and how they effect you.


Understanding Where Stress Starts

Identifying your Stress Switches and how to turn them off.


Why Stress Relief
is Not Enough

How to keep stress from messing with your brain.


Learning How to have Emotional Intelligence

How to solve the emotion commotion.


Getting Stress Out
of Your Body

How to deal with lingering stress (PTSD and more).


Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

Whatever you focus on you serve.


How to Achieve What You Want to Achieve

Planning your life before it runs you.


Designing Your
Next Steps

The beginning of your new beginning.

If you want to try again and succeed
If you want to start again and win
If you want to give it your all and wake
up every morning with hope. 

STRESS FREE Coaching is for you

Only $49 per session for the first 5 people who sign up.

(Regular price: $99)